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Great service. Quick but detailed

OK, sometimes I forget about beauty-related things. Suddenly, I realize I haven't waxed my eyebrows in who-knows-how-many weeks and I look like Jack Lalane. I know, it's scary. During a recent visit to family in the D, my Jack Lalane look wasn't working and I needed to get my eyebrows waxed ASAP. My mother-in-law immediately called her favorite gal at her favorite salon and set me up with an appointment. I was in and out in 20 minutes. With an appointment, I didn't wait at all. The waiting area, though, was lush and nicely decorated with a good amount of seating. My other mother-in-law and husband were comfortable while they waited for me to fix my issue. Great service. Quick but detailed, chatty but not too talkative. It's been about 5 weeks and I still don't need a wax, so clearly this was a good job. My mother-in-law's hair always looks great, too, so they do all kinds of great work here.
Jenna S. - Chicago, IL, 1/5/2012

I absolutely love my hair

I absolutely love my hair. My stylist is Nevine. I get so many compliments on my color and cut. She is always on time. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. She's a pro and expert stylist.
Jean. M - Birmingham, MI, 2/28/11

I absolutely love Nevine at Bardha salon

I absolutely love Nevine at Bardha salon. Hands down the most talented color/stylist I have ever had. My hair has never looked better, I get tons of compliments. I only wish that the owner took credit cards, I think that she is losing business as a result!
Anne P. - Bloomfield Hills, MI, 2/17/11

Bottom line: Other girls ask me where I get my hair done

Bottom line: Other girls ask me where I get my hair done. Win! I've been going to see a stylist there for years - she does my cut and color, and my hair looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. My color (highlights) are great, especially when I don't wait too long to come in. ;o) This probably isn't the trendiest place, but it's bright, clean and comfortable, not pretentious. The people at the front (one of whom is an owner) remember who you are when you call for the appointment and when you show up. For a Birmingham salon, I think the prices are reasonable; most of my friends in Birmingham, Royal Oak and Northville pay more. As a previous reviewer noted, however, the appointments here are long. For me, a full-head highlight and a cut, blowout take 2.5 - 3 hours. Is that too long? I also think my stylist gets overbooked, because she is rarely on time. I usually call before I go, to ask if she's running late. I took off one star for this, because I hate waiting, especially when I have an appointment. You can also get your nails painted in the central hairdryer area, but I've never tried this service. The salon is closed on Sunday and Monday, but they have Saturday hours and Thursday evenings for you working stiffs.
Lizzy B. - Birmingham, MI, 2/1/2010

I haven't encountered anyone better than my Bardha stylist

I moved across the country and whenever I go back to visit my folks I sneak in a haircut because I haven't encountered anyone better than my Bardha stylist.  I will say that Kelly W. is also probably accurate... as a guy a haircut isn't nearly as complex as a girl.  One time I really needed a cut and just made another appointment with someone in Bardha (my regular stylist was on vacation) and he was terrible. Anyway, just ask for Michael and you'll be good to go!  It is for him that I give the 5 stars.
Jason M. - Arlington, VA, 10/24/08