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Carolina Andrakovich - Head makeup artist Carolina has been in the business for over 25 years with experience in magazine, runway, fashion shows, film and salon..
She is able to create new looks and attitudes for clients with innovative makeup techniques and designs. By combining her expertise with your needs and vision, you are assured a productive outcome every time. Whether she is in the salon or at location your time is valued, that’s why she prides herself on having the ability to excel under pressure and to get the job done effectively and efficiently regardless of the event.  The result, a total red carpet experience!

Peggy Dahl – Known for her energetic smile, Peggy has been enhancing her client’s beauty for over 20 years.  Her passion has always been coloring and cutting, concentrating on each individual’s features, while helping her client’s maintain strong and healthy hair.  As a member of Americoif, Peggy continues her education by taking classes and attending hair shows, continuing to create new and fashion forward styles for her clients.

Virginia Dearnley – Virginia is a highly educated hair stylist, with over 15 years of experience.  She loves to create soft natural looks as well as edgy styles.  Her artistic ability produces beautiful color and highlights, as well as precise hairstyle’s.  Virginia also specializes in Special Occasion styles, Keratin relaxing treatments, and permanent waving. She is an asset to the Bardha Salon team.

Anne Dionne – Anne has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years.  She is an essential asset at the front desk of Bardha Salon.  She is extremely knowledgeable in all the products that Bardha offers and loves helping clients find the perfect combination to maintain their beautiful hair.  Anne has cultivated her years of experience in helping to better accommodate our clients needs by insuring their experience at our salon is a great one.

Lauretta Forester – As a current member of Americoif and an educator of the Paul Mitchell School of Michigan, Lauretta joined the Bardha Salon team in 2009.  With over 20 years of experience, she brings a distinct expertise in special occasion hair, color placement, and edgy cuts and style’s.  Lauretta serves as an artistic and educational director as well as a platform artist.  Her reliability, professionalism, and creativity have assisted in her reputation.

Belka Karanfili – Belka is a highly talented nail technician with over 15 years of experience in providing professional nail care services.  Her techniques and friendly personality led her to a great success in keeping a steady and loyal clientele. Belka specializes in manicures, pedicures and Shellac.  She is known for being consistent in her work and she pays close attention to detail, leaving her clients with happy hands and happy feet.

Jennifer Lafleur – With over 20 years experience, Jennifer approaches each client with confidence and passion.  She is a talented hairdresser who dedicates herself to forming a relationship with her clientele. They can leave knowing that attention to every detail was paid. She truly believes in educating her clients and helping them form the habits necessary to promote radiant, healthy hair.  As a Hair stylist at Bardha Salon, Jennifer makes it her goal to exceed every client’s expectations and make sure they leave feeling confident and beautiful.

Tamara Lovell – Known for her wonderful personality and creativity, Tamara transcends the standard for hairdressing by offering her clients the freshest and most current styles.  She values the opportunity to work with her clientele and looks forward to welcoming new clients as she strives to give the ultimate salon experience.  Tamara has been working with the Bardha Salon team for over 10 years, and her confidence and knowledge can always assure a satisfied client.

Carol Rieger -  Possessing excellent skills with naturally curly hair, both with color and cuts, Carol’s success is a result of her relentless refinement of her professional skills, her outgoing personality and boundless energy, and a deep dedication to excellence in guest service.  As a member of the Bardha Salon team, for over 20 years, Carol has grown as a stylist with the continuous education that the salon has offered.

Edie Szubeczak– Edie’s relaxed and positive attitude has given her clients a wonderful experience for over 20 years.  She provides full service styling to a diverse range of clientele. Her main focus is always her client’s satisfaction.  Edie’s philosophy is for each client to receive exceptional service, which includes the best in hair treatment, and also practicality of style .  Edie also specializes in the Brazilian keratin treatment.

Nevine Tawila – With over 20 years of experience at Bardha Salon, Nevine’s dedication, talent, creativity and attention to detail have earned her the reputation of one of the area’s most respected stylists.  Her intuitive sense of design style pairs well with her extensive training resulting in a very loyal clientele.  Nevine prides herself on educating her clients (both men and women) on how to manage their style between appointments beginning with a great cut and color and finishing with top of the line products.  In addition to Nevine’s expertise in cuts and color, she is certified in the Brazilian keratin straightening process.

Miranda Xhelilaj – Miranda prides herself on being an enthusiastic and creative hair stylist, who focuses on providing each and every client with exceptional service.  She is committed to her profession and is a true artist.  She is compelled to give her clients the look they have always wanted.  With over 9 years of experience at Bardha Salon, Miranda provides full service styling to a diverse range of clientele, always focusing on her client’s satisfaction.  Although Miranda loves color and cuts, she specializes in up dos, Brazilian Hair treatments and extensions to create the ultimate transformation.

Paula Vogler – Paula takes great pride in creating styles that work for her clients. With over 20 years experience, she understands that lifestyles can easily influence an individual’s beauty regimen. Thus, the looks she creates are as individual as her clientele. Paula is nurturing and artistic, and uses these qualities to create a look that’s appropriate for each unique lifestyle.  We are very excited and grateful to have her on our team.

Loretta Bardha – Loretta has been at Bardha Salon for over 20 years.  Her experience, talent and outgoing personality have helped establish her reputation as one of our top hairstylists. Her instinct and ability help her to interpret and translate her client’s wishes into eye-catching reality.  Loretta is known for her talent and creativity and has continued to perfect her skills behind the chair by taking care of some of Bardha Salon’s most influential clients.

Sheriban Bardha – Over the years, Sheriban’s dedication and commitment has served as an inspiration to everyone.  She vows to continue working and supporting the Bardha Salon team, for as long as she possibly can.  “We opened our doors in 1964 and with hard work, dedication and honesty, we built trust and lasting relationships with our client base.  I would like to thank all of our clients for all the past years and for the years to come.  God Bless You.”

Mary Curnow – In touch with current hair trends, Mary has been practicing the art of hairstyling for over 20 years. Her artistic and creative approach to her work is evident in her innovative haircuts and coloring techniques. Mary is a visual artist and brings her creative vision to her work. She always gives a great customer experience through her attentiveness to her guests and her talent for giving fun and modern looks to her clients. Her amazing highlighting and color techniques reflect her ability to satisfy each and every client that comes to see her.

Brenda Cianciolo – Brenda loves amplifying the natural beauty of her clients by giving them color that compliments their haircut.  The dual combination of loving what she does and being a great listener has helped Brenda cultivate genuine, meaningful relationships with her clients.  Possessing talents with curly and short hair, she clearly has earned the reputation of an impressive all around stylist.

Sandra Mencer – Sandra is an experienced hair stylist who loves working with her clients to achieve their perfect style.  Her warm personality and attention to detail always make clients feel comfortable and appreciated, while her years of experience help her create great haircuts and precise color.  Sandra is dedicated to her profession and continually produces beautiful hairstyles at Bardha Salon.

Ali Pellumbi – Ali comes to us from San Francisco, California, with an extensive technical training in cutting and color. His impressive highlighting and color techniques reflect his 18 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate and motivated about his craft and it is reflected in his beautiful work. He is a great colorist and stylist and is an invaluable asset to the Bardha Team.  Ali comes to Michigan for one week out of the month, so please call in advance for availability.